Rebecca Rasmussen

Flow into Bliss

with Becka and Beau

December 3-8, 2018


Come flow into bliss with Rebecca Rasmussen & Beau Campbell, with Costa Rica as your backdrop! We will practice yoga twice a day, with the intention of getting in the flow and finding your center to create harmony, balance and bliss. Awaken your spirit with fun workshops and play with new friends on the beach. This retreat will allow your creative juices to flow, helping you to find personal expression and truth in your practice. You will leave feeling refreshed, enlivened, and most definitely blissed out!

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The Perks

  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Satsang: Meaningful group conversations
  • Sunshine
  • Ocean
  • Relaxation
  • Amazing Food
  • Community

What's Included

  • 2 Yoga classes per day
  • Photography Workshop and Photoshoots
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner
  • Ground Transportation from Puerto Jimenez to Iguana Lodge
  • Pool
  • Hot Tub
  • Direct Access to The Beach!


Casita VS Club Room:

Casitas are beautifully built “tiny houses” that provide the experience of being in the jungle yet at the beach at the same time. They provide private but outdoor showers that make you feel like you are showering in warm rain water.

Club Rooms provide a clean cut experience with the soft sound of the ocean waves lulling you to sleep, and monkeys waking you up in the morning. While these rooms might be less magical than the Casitas they are sometime preferred by those that enjoy the comforts of a standard room style.

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Quick View

Personal Bed in a Shared Club Room (2 people per room)


Personal Bed in a Shared Casita (2 people/room - Female Only)

Quick View

Private Bed, Room and Bathroom in a Club Room


Private Bed, Room and Bathroom in a Casita

from 1,535.00
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Optional Add On's

  • Extra Night(s) stay
  • Horse Back Riding
  • Nature Preserve
  • Zip Lining
  • Surf Lessons
  • Water Fall Repelling
  • Kayaking through through the Jungle
  • Massage
  • Private yoga, dance, or photography sessions

Not Included

Flights or transportation to Puerto Jiminez, Costa Rica

Meet your Instructors 


Beau Campbell is a professional dancer, yoga and barre instructor, and photographer originating from Southern California. Beau started her training in classical ballet in Malibu, California with Joanna Jarvis. She has traveled the world sharing her love of dance and yoga, helping students find their personal voice and artistic outlets. She recently joined Momix, and is performing with the company on tour around the world. 



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Rebecca Rasmussen spent her life studying the body through the world of dance. She toured internationally for over 11 years with the dance company MOMIX. 

While dance remains a major passion, over time Rebecca’s interests have shifted to include self-care and overall well being. She is a graduate of the Kripalu School of Yoga and Health and now studies and shares the practice of yoga with the desire to help others love and care for their bodies through movement and exploration.



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Prepare for your Retreat 

Where do I fly in to?

San Jose Costa Rica - The average from the U.S is between $300-500

How do I get to Puerta Jiminez? 

  1. Short Flights: From San Jose to Puerto Jiminez via (between $70-$120) 
  2. Contact to help schedule your internal flight. 

How do I get from Puerto Jiminez to Iguana Lodge? 

Once you have booked your internal flight contact to let them know when you are arriving so they can arrange a pick up for you. 

When do I fly in and out?

Check the small flights to Puerto Jiminez on Monday December 3rd and return flights to San Jose on December 8th. You can arrive at any time to the retreat center on December 3rd and leave any time on the 8th. Arrive Early and Leave Late to get the most out of your time. Once you have checked the potential times for your small flights, look for an international flight that suits your needs.

Should i stay over in San Jose? 

Sometimes this is a great option - Stay a night in San Jose: There are great hotels of all different price ranges and experiences with free airport transportation. This is a great option if you can't find an early flight, and also its typically more convenient timing wise for the travel day. 

Can I extend my stay at Iguana Lodge?

YES, stay additional nights at Iguana Lodge if you have the time! After registering here, Contact and requesting to stay later or arrive earlier. Prices will vary depending on the room you choose, but you will receive a discounted rate for being a part of the retreat. 

Any more questions? feel free to reach out!