Say Goodbye to Stagnation and Hello to Motivation!


Do you feel...

➝ Stuck in your body and your life?

➝ Like your asana practice has flatlined?

➝ Uninspired and lacking creativity?

➝ Unmotivated to take the next step towards what you want?

➝ Tired and sluggish most of the time?

➝ You hold yourself back from taking action towards your desires


Stuck in your body = Stuck in your life!


Imagine yourself …

➞ Developing a sensitized relationship with your body

➞ Learning to trust yourself through movement in order to make empowered decisions off your mat

➞ Creating momentum in your life so you can get unstuck, and start taking bold action in your life

➞ Feeling graceful in your movement on and off your mat

➞ Creating conscious movement in order to feel balanced in your body and life


Imagine a life of motivation, creativity, and joy! An empowered life because you’ve tapped into the essence of your movement, built trust in yourself, and gracefully took actionable steps off the mat toward the life you deserve.

YES, this is possible!

In Mindfully Move you will learn my 4 step process to create a life of flow in just 8 weeks!


Here’s How:

⤪ Tap into the essence of your body with masterful awareness.

⤪ Fully integrate earth, water, fire, and air into your movement to create balance and harmony.

⤪ Masterfully move from one step to another with ease and grace.

⤪ Create a vision for your desires and Take Action! Ride the momentum off the mat towards your dreams.


I created Mindfully Move because I‘ve been in your shoes ….


See this mover right here?

She grew up dancing. That was her world and nothing was getting in her way to achieving her big dreams. Twelve full years of touring and performing all over the world she felt fulfilled and ready to move onto the next passion. When she decided to take her last bow she but didn’t realize her ego would come crashing down. Identity crisis overload! Unmotivated with no inspiration. She no longer felt good enough to do the things she desired because of fear of failing and paralyzed by perfection. The connection between her and her passions had come to a halt. That meant no drive + no momentum = no income. And a girl needs passion, motivation, creativity, and an income to live her best life!


What got me motivated?

YOU! I knew if I didn’t share my passion of movement and the small actionable steps it takes to create the big dreams I would be letting myself and other conscious movers like you down. Annnnnd I’m not down with that! I buckled down and figured out how to package my lifetime of movement experience into an 8 week yoga program!

↪ And I am sharing my process with you because I believe in you and am excited to see you Shine!


Ready to step into the flow with other conscious movers?

Set up a call with me to see if Mindfully Move is right for you. Spots are limited so let’s get movin’.

Do you want to gracefully ride the wave towards a life of joy but don’t know how?

I’ve got you! Mindfully Move will set the stage for your success.


What is Mindfully Move?

It’s an eight week group yoga program that empowers you to master the essence of your movement and build trust in yourself so you can get creative, feel inspired, and take action towards your dreams.



  • You’re feeling unmotivated in life and need to tap into your body to get the inspiration flowing. 

  • You have a yoga practice but are feeling like you need guidance on how to bring your asana into your life. 

  • You are looking for a community of conscious movers who strive to live gracefully on and off the mat. 

  • You want a mentor for support along your journey towards your dreams.  

  • You are ready to commit, uncover, and spark the energy to move into action. 

  • You are ready to move towards your highest potential.


What’s included in the program?

↠ 1x weekly group mentoring call with me, where you ask questions & chat about any reflections!

↠ Yoga Videos + Step-by-Step Guides on How to master your movement with grace.

↠ FB Group + Instant Message Support

↠ A little gift package from me to help you get motivated and start your journey.


Ending Love Note:

First, I want to acknowledge your courage to getting this far on your journey. It takes a lot of courage to be curious about your fullest potential and wanting to dive deeper into your physical practice to support your life’s journey. Second, being apart of a community could either sound exciting or daunting. From experience, I’ve tried to do this journey by myself but found it’s way easier to become my best self in a community of like minded individuals. Each rooting down into their own bodies in order to rise up with joy. The Mindfully Move tribe will be doing just that! Celebrating each other's successes and being there when you need support. 

The steps you will take in this program you can always come back to when challenges arise. I myself do this process every time I feel a bit out of whack or when I am holding myself back from stepping forward. I come back to my movement practice by taking a breath, digging deep into my roots, and spark the fire from within. A big portion of the practice will be movement which starts with building trust in yourself, start the momentum, master the transitions, and then envision what lights you up. What motivates you? What are your desires? What are your dreams? But ultimately, learn how to uncover the true essence of your being, spark the internal fire, and take action towards your passions. I have laid out the step-by-step guide to help you start your journey and take actionable steps towards your fullest potential. I’ve got you! And we’ve got each other.

The next step on a path to joy is investing in yourself! Investing in diving deeper into your body in order to create the momentum toward the bigger desires.

I cannot wait for you to move into a life you deserve! Ready to get movin’?


Yes! I’m ready