Mentorship Program


Now $350/month

Is dance apart of your life? Do you want to take the next step into making it a career? Whether you're a beginner or an experienced dancer, Rebecca will guide you in the right direction towards personalized success. In this mentorship program,  the focus will be on where you want to take dance and how to create your dream into reality.  Having Rebecca as your expert mentor, she can guide you on technique, artistry, nutrition, branding, and mental preparation for a long lasting career. You will work on a weekly basis to stay motivated and on the right track. Create your personalized pathway towards success today!



1 month mentorship designed to pinpoint an aspect of your goal. Sometimes all you need is a little guidance to send you in the right direction.  If it's coming off an injury, coaching on your solo, mental preparation for auditions, or anything else you need to focus on this is the right path for you. 




3 month mentorship for those looking to dive deeper into their passion and want to focus on more than just on one aspect of learning. With concentration and determination we can accomplish multiple tracks during this 3 month period. Rebecca will help you make decisions that will further your career and create a pathway towards your own success.




6 month mentorship for the serious dancer who is ready to master their body. In this program, we can touch base on all aspects that will help you achieve your goals. Whether it be technique, coaching, nutrition, or building strength we will dive into exactly what you need to feel confident. Embodying your craft is key when becoming a professional dancer and this program will get you fine tuned for your career.