What is a Resume?

Being prepared for any audition or Job interview is key to feeling professional and ready to take on the job. Providing a clear resume is a great way to step into the room feeling confident and ready. A great way for the interviewer to gain knowledge about your accomplishments is through your resume. Your dance resume provides information about your dance experience, education, skills, and accomplishments. Here are a few tips on how you can structure your resume:

Organize your Dance accomplishments

  • Write down any schools you trained at, any dance masters you trained with and in what style.
  • List any performance experience: this list can contain all of your performance experience which will be broken down later but getting all your performance experience out will be beneficial to seeing what you’ve done. This list should include all professional performances, college dance shows, videoed performances, studio recitals, and community shows.

  • List any awards or honors you might have achieved. Have you been dance captain or a part of any union?

  • What are your special skills? Tumbling, Aerial, acrobat, prop work, etc. 

Tailor your resume to what you are auditioning for

  • Know what it is you are auditioning for and provide similar content on your resume. If you are auditioning for a ballet company list all your ballet experience instead of focusing a lot on your break dancing skills.

Formatting your Dance resume

  • 1 page ONLY
  • At the top of the page include your personal information: Name, Address, phone, height, weight. You can also include hair and eye color depending on what you are going for.

  • Create columns: Start with performance experience. Show, role in the show, place you performed. You can also include years of the performances.

  • Dance education and training goes underneath performances. List the year, school names, style of dance training, and any degrees or certificates you obtained at the schools.

  • List your special skills. This is where it would be beneficial to know what you are audition for. If you are auditioning for a musical and there is tumbling in the show, or they are looking for an aerialist this is another place you would cater your resume to the job.

  • Have reference? List the persons name, number, position so the employer could call them to ask more about you.

Tip: Make sure to have multiple copies of your resume ready to go if you are called into an audition today! Never hurts to be prepared.

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Much love, Rebecca