Should I go to a Summer Dance Intensive? or Not?

With summer right around the corner and auditions for programs in full force are you still trying to decide if going to a summer dance intensive is right for you? I say “Go For it!”

I’ve been to multiple dance intensives and after each one I was left with amazing life long friends and an experience I will never forget. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself into an unfamiliar dance world with different teachers, students, and experiences. For me, being in an intense environment where the main focus was dance was an amazing experience and jumped started my progress and technique. There are many different summer intensives to choose from all over the world with a variety of focuses and intensity so its not hard to find what you are looking for.

I went to multiple summer intensives growing up but one in particular changed my path as a dancer forever. At the time, I was going to a community college where I was studying dance intensely but knew I wanted to further my studies and earn a higher degree. Community colleges are a great stepping stones for college but your highest degree is an AA and I wanted more. One summer in San Jose California at a summer dance intensive my eyes were opened to a whole new world.

Dancers from all over the country came to study at this intensive and this is where I learned about Dance Conservatories. I didn’t know anything about the East Coast really due to being in my own Cali bubble but I met a girl who was going to the Boston Conservatory, someone who was going to Purchase, another to Juilliard. My mind was amazed that I could go to school for solely dance and earn a BFA.

At the end of the intensive I came home and told my parents I was going to audition for Juilliard, the Boston Conservatory, Purchase, and Tisch School of the Arts. My mom was shocked but supportive and help me go through the intense process of auditioning and convincing my father this is something that must happen. My path changed from being a Cali girl forever to moving across the country and being where I am now. 

If I never went to that summer intensive my path definitely have been different. Not bad or wrong but just different. I was exposed to a beautiful style during the intensive but most of all the people I met truly changed my life.

Summer Dance intensives are great for exposing yourself to the bigger picture and possibly carving a path for your future. Your path is what you choose and it never hurts to intensify the progress to get you closer to your goals. Need guidance? Click Here to see how my Mentorship Program can be help be your guide.  

Benefits of an Intensive:

  1. Progressing further in a short period of time

  2. Immersing yourself amongst others with the same goals

  3. Exposing yourself to a bigger circle.