Rebecca Rasmussen was born and raised in Moorpark CA, where she received her dance training at Pam Rossi's Dance Ten in Ballet, Tap, Jazz and also performed in their Senior Dance Company . Rebecca was on Senior dance team at Moorpark High School, under the direction of Donna Whitelaw, who was an early mentor and friend. Rebecca studied at Moorpark College where she had the opprotunity of studying with the legends Dennon and Sayhber Rawles. With them she learned all forms of ballroom, classic Jazz, ballet and what it truly means to be a great student, dancer, and professional. Denise Gibson also a mentor of hers, was a powerful influence in Rebecca's years at Moorpark College. Ms. Gibson, Director of DeDa dance theater,  pushed her to find improvisation, acting, and theatrics in all her movement and performances. After two years at Moorpark college, Rebecca went on to receive her BFA in Dance from the Boston Conservatory where she performed works by Paul Taylor, Jose Limon, Michael Folkine, and Murray Louis. She was chosen to perform in the Murray Louis Tribute at Hunter College in 2005. After graduating in 2006 Rebecca Joined Momix where she has been performing with the dance company ever since. Rebeca has had the opportunity to perform all over the world in such works as VIVA MOMIX, Botanica, Alchemia, Opus Cactus, Best of Momix, Momix Remix, and Lunar Sea/Sunflower Moon.  As Dance Captain, she has been on TV and radio shows for interviews and small performances as a representative for the company. 

Other dance companies include: Catapult Entertainment, Media City Ballet, La Danserie, DeDa Dance Theater.

Industrial works: National Target Commercial, America's Got Talent, International Builder's Show (Kohler Co.), Mercedes Benz Car Show

Awards: Tane Memorial Scholarship 2002-2003, Jennifer K. Prouty Memorial Scholarship 2001-2003

Rebecca has been traveling with her Papillion dog, Tito, who is her best touring companion. You can follow Tito's adventure on Instagram @gurutito or Facebook. If you you have any questions about how to travel with your pup she is more than happy to answer any questions you might have. 

Rebecca has also found a wonderful life partner, Matt Giordano a.k.a TheYogiMatt, who has been a solid influence in her life. They both currently live in a beautiful home in CT and travel separately and together. Life with Matt continues to blossom everyday and they strive to keep each other safe when near and far.  

Last but not least, Rebecca wants to thank her supportive friends for believing in her while she continued her passion. She wants to send out a special Thank You to her amazing family for all their love and support throughout the years. Her father and Brother who have watched lengthy June Show Recitals, Nutcrackers and so on. Her mother, Julia Felker, who introduced her to many forms of dance at an early age and for being her first Dance Teacher. Her continuous guidance, love, and confidence has helped guide Rebecca on this wonderful journey of life.