Hi Friend!

I’m Rebecca & I’m so excited you’re here!

Feel free to call me Becka, Rebecca Joy, or the good ol’ social handle DancinBecka! Ha! 

I’m a Mindful Movement Mentor, Yoga teacher, community builder and wellness advocate. I love hanging out at home in Connecticut with my Husband Matt, puppy Tito, and all our cute farm animals. Ya we have a little farm and it’s the best!


Originally a Cali girl #valleygirl, my favorite time of year is summer because chillin’ outside in the sun by any body of water fills me up with joy. I am my best self when I move my body, drink a yummy latte, and am outside in nature. Yea, I’m totally living my best life! 

As a former professional dancer, you can say I’ve spent my life studying the body through the world of dance. While dance still remains a passion of mine I love sharing the practices of yoga! I desire to help others love and care for their bodies through mindful movement and exploration. My passion is to teach people how to master the essence of their movement and awareness of their bodies empowering them to live joyfully on and off the mat. Life is amazing and I feel super blessed to be doing what I love!


Don’t get me wrong it hasn’t always been rainbows and butterflies! If you’re into it read on→


Here’s a little history…

Since I was a little girl, my dream was to be in a professional dance company and tour around the world. Lots of years later, 2006 to be exact, I booked my dream job with MOMIX and started touring around the world. Over a decade of shows, countries, cities, and totally Vata deranged later, I was losing my passion. Once the frustration outweighed the joy I knew I had to start making a shift towards something else. The daunting question everyone asked me growing up, “What are you going to do after you can’t dance anymore?” was actually NOW my reality!


You might relate to this…

When I actually made the leap to follow my heart, I no longer felt good enough to do the things I desired to do! I feared failing and was constantly paralyzed by perfection. I lacked motivation and inspiration. Honestly, I felt lost. The connection between me and my passions had come to a halt. On the other hand, I was having fun touring here and there, hanging out with friends, teaching yoga but still there was something missing. I knew I needed more!

I desired to reach more people and empower them to step on and off their mats with grace. I knew I wanted to create a community of movers who desired to learn more about the transitions between the postures. Empowering those to move gracefully on and off their mats.


What got me out of the funk….

I went back to my roots. For me, that means stepping into my body and to get movin’. Momentum in life demands movement and the easiest way for me to build the momentum is to start tapping into my true essence of my being. I’ve realized over the years when my body is stagnant my life is stagnant. Once I created the flow, my internal fire slowly burned creating momentum, motivation, and creativity. I started to shine again! Yay! Once I felt the spark of inspiration deep down inside and I knew I was ready to face my fears and not look back.

I decided to #ridetheinternetwave and invest in myself. I hired an online business coach to help hone in on my visions and guide me through the process of creating something for my clients. I love empowering and celebrating my clients successes and believe anyone can live their best life! If you’re reading this I am talking to you! I love being apart of your journey, celebrating your successes, and seeing you create the flow. When your motivation ripples outwards, and you take the steps towards everything you desire … Boom! High Fives ALL AROUND!


On the regular,

you can find me at home in Goshen, CT living that #farmlife, hanging out with amazing peeps, and teaching badass yogis how to reach their highest potential!


My Quote for the Year →

“Courage over Comfort.” - Brene Brown